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Cool working principle of the laser weapon

Laser weapon is a weapon that uses high energy burning laser beam to strike a target from a distance. It is flexible, fast, accurate, anti electromagnetic interference and so on. But the laser weapon is easily influenced by the weather and the atmosphere, because the laser weapon's attack mode is still in the optical category, so these factors will affect the precision of the laser weapon.

Why laser weapons are so popular, perhaps mainly because the principle of work is so cool!However, this can't stop people for laser weapons of love and pursuit, whether it is in the movies or in reality, we will be amazed at laser weapon.Home has a flashlight friends will know, in the center of the flashlight is a tiny lighting, the lighting around with a concave mirror, the lighting of the light gathering to flashlight center, this flashlight to illuminate the somewhere else.
[img src="" alt=" Attack 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen 450nm ">

Laser is a radiation, like our sun usually encountered in the ultraviolet, infrared radiation, the sun far away from us, so the 200mw Green Laser radiation to our benefit will be more and laser is will the radiation is strengthened, resulting in damage to the target.

From the point of view of the process, electrons act as intermediates in the laser medium , after a series of changes, the energy of energy transfer to the generated photons,so the power of laser basically decided by the size of the energy and energy here, generally speaking is a high-energy battery, so now the laser weapon countries such as the United States, Russia and other are actively seek ways to high-energy battery miniaturization, because on the battlefield, it is not possible to have laser weapon followed by a power station of the phenomenon.

Light has wave particle duality as that light is not only containing particles, and Laser Sight produced is through store and release energy, electron from the calm state excitation to the active state in the return to peace and the release of the electronic process, Eventually this process will produce a huge energy of the focus light, and then through the focus of the lens is emitted out, which is the process of laser generation.



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