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Differences of laser weapon between America and China.

According to the Russian satellite network reported that the US Navy recently announced that, in the Persian Gulf, "Ponce" amphibious ship's laser weapon system LaWS successfully passed all tests. It has started duty since December 2014. The system is currently still very low power. Russia's strategic and technical analysis center experts pointed that LaWS can only deal with boats or small UAVs. In order to deal with UAVs, it requires to irradiate a key part of the UAV by a 5000mw Laserweapon, it was the first country to install laser weapons on the actual warships. The system itself does not have a revolutionary, and are similar with other countries, including China and Russia.

[img src="" alt="green Laser Pointer 3000mw">

In 1980 the Soviet Union shipboard 100mw Laser Pointer device installed in the "Dixon" was the experimental ship "Aida Dahl" for the emission test. Later, "Ake Villon" test device destroyed a low-altitude missiles successfully. Many Soviet-era weapons testing by the Soviet Union and was interrupted, but the beginning of this century in Russia , the well-known laser weapons "Sokol-Echelon" is mounted on a heavy transport aircraft "IL-76" upgrade. The main task of this system is to allow US reconnaissance satellite failure.

Chinese actual military spending exceeded $ 145 billion. The rapid development of China's UAV project to Washington sounded unusual alarm. China announced an ultra-precise 30000mw Laser weapon system, just 5 seconds of time to scout in the urban areas at low altitude unmanned aircraft shot down a light, which is take real concerns of the United States.

Under the new political conditions, Russia and China have been growing pressure from the United States, when the joint force development of laser weapons, Russia and China is undoubtedly not only save money but also to ensure their own safety wise move. At the same time, high costs and a limited number of laser weapons exclude the two countries in the global arms market competition possible.



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